We are custom Coding Developers and Tuners specializing in ECU and TCU coding. We specialize in supporting other tuners, dyno centers, and workshops. Between all of us involved we have combined decades of experience perfecting flash coding in each area of expertise and vehicle categories, for the Australian and international markets and for unique demands. We have a significant 4×4 and commercial diesel tuning arm specializing in a unique and dedicated fuel savings program, as well as massive performance gains and big turbo kits if you so wish. And of course, our High-Performance division specializes in Euro and Exotic Sports car and race team support, where we have historically been known for our VAG, Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes AMG tuning.

We do not supply direct to the public. We supply tuning to well over 100 dyno centers, workshops, and mechanics globally with our tuning, base file, live dyno tuning, assistance, and support for all vehicle types. Contact us today and try us. the proof is in the pudding as they say. If we can’t assist or help you get around your issue then there is no charge either.